About the Author:

 Doug Marett is a research scientist who has been working in industry for the last 25 years. After receiving his M.Sc. from the University of Toronto, his focus has been primarily in the design and development of new technologies and products. This has included patented inventions in the biotechnology sector such as novel medical devices, and more recently product development in the field of optics and rapid prototyping. He has been involved in a diverse range of projects including NMR spectroscopy, inertial navigation and optical interferometry. Being an experimentalist first and a theoretician second, Doug Marett adheres to the philosophy that experimental research should drive theory development and its validation, not the other way around.

Doug Marett working on a Helmholtz coil experiment, 2015.

US Patents held by Doug Marett:

1     7,438,691    Douglas Marett      Method and device for predicting the fertile phase of women

2     6,592,529    Douglas Marett      Method and device for predicting the fertile phase of women

3     5,813,026    Charles Borg, Douglas Marett     Portable electronic device for intermittently executing a program stored on transposable memory

4     5,685,319    Douglas Marett      Method and apparatus for determining the fertility status of women

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Recent Articles:

1. Marett, Doug, " The Sagnac Effect: Does it Contradict Relativity? "  General Science Journal, 2015  /Research Papers-Relativity Theory/Download/5993

2. Marett, Doug, "The Continuing Relevance of Lorentz Ether Theory in the Age of Relativity" Proceedings of the NPA, College Park, MD, 2011.