Feature Article:

The 100 Year Wrong Turn in Cosmology

A critique of the current big bang theory of cosmology. Presents a timeline of the salient events in the last 100 years in the discipline.  

The Bullet Cluster: Evidence for Dark Matter or Not?

An alternative hypothesis to the dark matter argument, we suggest that the lensing in the bullet cluster may be due simply to refraction by interstellar gas around the shock front. 

Video Links:

Cosmology Quest Part 1

A very good critque of the Big Bang theory - features Halton Arp, Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Burbidge, and Jack Sulentic and history of academic suppression of the steady state theory of the universe.

Cosmology Quest Part 2

Features the ideas of Has Alfven and Kristian Birkeland, and interviews with Eric Lerner,  author of "The Big Bang Never Happened." An in depth critique of the assumptions of the big bang theory, such as dark matter, dark energy, the meaning of cosmological redshift, and the lack of relevance of the cosmic microwave background radiation discovery to the big bang theory.  Also discusses in depth the idea of the "plasma universe".