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    Michelson-Gale Interferometer

    Arm 1, 3 Length (m) Earth V at Equator (m/s) 465  
    Arm 2, 4 Length (m) Angular V Earth at equator W    
    number of loops wavelength of light (m)  
      Earth Rotational Velocity:  
      Latitude (degrees) f: min.      
    total loop length (m)  
    area A (m2) m/s  
        Dt :    
          DFringe :    



    To simulate the Michelson-Gale experiment, the original conditions are pre-loaded   

               Arm 1,3 = 612.3 m,   Arm 2,4 = 339.2 m   Wavelength = 5.7 E-007 m     Latitude = 41 deg. 46 min,  

              The expected result is 0.236 of a fringe shift. Test other values to see how they might affect the outcome. 

              For example, the maximum fringe shift is at 90 degrees latitude, whereas at the equator, the shift would be zero.